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Virginia Bisek
Copywriter & Content Strategist

Don't let a sloppy narrative stop your customers from doing what they want to do. 

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Whether your customers are searching for information or a product to purchase - they won't like it if you waste their time.

Write copy that means something. 

Sample Work
Sunrun - #1 Solar Company in the US

I created copy for Sunrun with a focus on a homeowner's passion to build a better planet that is run by the sun.

* Reduced complex topics and industry jargon to create meaningful, accessbile copy 

* Addressed barriers-to-entry and pain points along the consumer buying cycle

"The year 2030 is right around the corner. In 12 years scientists say our planet will be 1.5 °C warmer. Doesn’t sound like a lot? It is."

Sunrun Long-form Article

Sample Work
ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments

ABAG provides services to local governments and residents to build healthier, stronger communities.

I worked with the ABAG team to create and manage concise, user-friendly copy across the entire ABAG website.

I reduced clutter and confusion every step of the way, with the goal of creating copy that people will actually read.

"The backbone of Vital Signs? It's data."

ABAG Website

Sample Work
BC Mechanical Design

This talented team of Silicon Valley mechanical engineers takes your product from concept to marketing. 

I developed fresh copy across every page to appeal to mechanical engineers and large-enterprise product decision-makers in the Silicon Valley. 

I honed and refined this company's services and created meaningful copy in chunks that can be quickly absorbed by site visitors.

"Your customers are at the center of what we do. We never forget that."

BC Mechanical Website

Sample Work
BARC - Bay Area Regional Collaborative 

BARC problem-solves for 21st century challenges that impact the Bay Area, including climate change and social and economic injustice.

This new website was built from scratch. I developed brand copy across this new website to speak to the target audiences of community members and local agencies.

"Data don't lie."

BARC Website

Sample Work
MTC - Metropolitan Transportation Commission

MTC is the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area.

I created and edited more than 300 pages of friendly, valuable copy for residents and visitors to the Bay Area, with this focus:

"Think BART, your ferry ride, miles of bike paths, FasTrak, freeway conditions, your commute times, our bridges... we’re part of every trip you take."

MTC Website

Sample Work
Sayin' It Sam - Appropo Software

Nea Hanscomb looked for a speech-recognition game on the iPad to help her son, who has autism, practice using his voice. 

If Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant could order groceries... she was sure she'd find voice-games to help kids with language skills. 

Ms. Hanscomb didn't find such a game. So she produced one herself. 

This fearless CEO reached out to me to help her promote Sayin' It Sam with a new website, blogs, and social media and email campaigns.

"Say it. Play it. Practice makes perfect."

Sayin' It Sam Website

If a cliche works, use it. What do
your customers want to hear?
Give them that.

It doesn't matter if it's B2C or B2B.
Hit them with copy that answers
their pain points.

My Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook samples for an Intel campaign:

Making Foot Traffic Significant

I often conceptualize overall design, working alongside the graphic designer. 


Reduce Inspection Costs & Increase Safety with Drones

 I create alternative headlines for the client.


GenZ Kids Demand Attention

My copy garnished likes, retweets and shares. This demographic group commands a lot of attention.


Helping Retail Stay Legit

Another alternative headline to provide client with options.


Machine Learning Helps Airline Industry Reduce Costs

An additional option for Intel drones.


Ronie Gnecco is Not Playing Around

Highlighting an internal Intel genius responsible for the industrial drone revolution.  


Let's talk.

Please email me at [email protected] for more details about each of these projects. References provided.