Virginia Bisek:
Copywriter & Content Wrangler

Complete website redesigns. Social media campaigns. Email campaigns. Long- and short-form articles. Case studies. Ads. Basic HTML. SEO integration.   

MTC - Metropolitan Transportation Commission

2021: Called back for a new sitewide update as senior copywriter and content strategist.  Launched July 7, 2021.

2015: Created and edited more than 300 pages of user-friendly content using audits, copy dev process, and Drupal integration. 

"We’re part of every trip you take."

MTC Website

BC Mechanical Design

Developed fresh copy across every page to appeal to mechanical engineers and large-enterprise product decision-makers in the Silicon Valley. 

"Your customers are at the center of what we do. We never forget that."

BC Mechanical Website

Peak Digital - Working for Government Agencies

Created copy for all buckets on the home page, working for the founder and CEO. 

What do we do to create a website that is trusted? How do we get departments on the same page?

Peak Digital Website

Sunrun: #1 Solar Co. in the US

Created long- and short-form articles for Sunrun with a focus on homeowner passion for building a better planet, run by the sun.

"In 12 years scientists say our planet will be 1.5 °C warmer. Doesn’t sound like a lot? It is."

Sunrun Long-form Article

Allbirds Case Study:
The Sustainable Shoe

Challenged with creating a story that spanned the growth of Allbirds, the shoe industry, renewable materials, a partnership in Brazil, and much more.

"Consumers are demanding products that save lives and save the planet..."

Email Me for Copy

BARC - Bay Area Regional Collaborative 

This new website was built from scratch. I assessed user needs, created copy, refined flow/IA and incorporated brand and legal nuances. 

"Data don't lie."

BARC Website

ABAG - Association of Bay Area Governments

I worked with the ABAG team to create and manage concise, user-friendly copy across the entire ABAG website.

I managed the content process, reduced clutter and confusion and streamlined IA with the goal of creating meaningful copy.

"The backbone of Vital Signs? It's data."

ABAG Website

Sayin' It Sam - Appropo Software

If we can order groceries through Alexa and Google Assistant, surely there must be voice-activated games for children to help teach language skills.

Or so Nea Hanscomb, CEO, thought. 

"Say it. Play it. Practice makes perfect."

Sayin' It Sam Website

Kingsford: Getting Folks Around the BBQ

Highlighting the Super Bowl and America's love of grilling. 

Clorox Cleaning:
Product Description

Click on "Show more" to get the full page details. Adhered to SEO and fixed character counts.

Intel: Get Those Feet in the Door

Inviting eyeballs by moving copy through the post and across the image.


Intel: Big Data & Drones Go Fast

I work with designers to find the right picture, and edit copy along the way. It's a team effort. 


Intel: GenZ Kids Want A Lot 

My copy garnishes likes, retweets and shares. Hitting key metrics is important. 


Kingsford: Email Campaign 

Email module highlighting recipes for halftime. 

Intel: Gnecco is Not Messin' Around

Highlighting an internal genius adds a personal story .


Hidden Valley Ranch: Hero Image

Product descriptions with a saucy flair for an iconic brand. 

Pine-Sol SEO

It's hard to write about cleaning concrete, as it seems self-evident. But this was purely SEO driven.

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